I Have a Personal Injury Case. What Do You Charge For Meeting With Me?

I was hurt in a car wreck.  I missed two weeks of work and have a bunch of medical bills.  I think I need to talk to a lawyer about my rights but I don’t have money to pay my mortgage much less pay a lawyer. What  do you charge for meeting with me?

Our firm does not charge clients with potential personal injury cases for an initial meeting or for any investigation we do to determine if we can accept representation.  

If we are able to represent you, we are willing to work on a contingent fee, which means that we are only paid if we are able to collect money on your behalf.  The financial arrangements are discussed in detail at our initial meeting and are reduced to a written fee agreement.  

Occasionally we are asked to accept personal injury cases on an hourly basis.  We are willing to do so under the same conditions that we have when we do hourly work.  In other words, we ask for some amount of money "up front" to place on deposit toward future fees and expenses and then send a bill to our client each month.  Payment of this bill is due on receipt.

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