Hurt and the Job and Then Fired

I received a back injury at work.  I told my employer about it, told him I needed to see a doctor and he fired me on the spot.   What are my rights?

You have a right to receive medical treatment for you back injury.  To the extent that miss work you have a right to receive "temporary total disability" payments until you are released by your doctor to go back to work.  You also have a right to another payment for "permanent partial disability" if you have a long-term problem as a result of your injury.  The fact that your employer fired you will impact the amount of a permanent partial disability payment you are eligible to receive if you have a long-term injury.

You will need the help of an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer to help you with this problem.  Feel free to contact our office at 615.742.4880.  We will be happy to discuss this matter with you and help you if we can.   There is no charge for an initial consultation, and if we are able to help you we will accept your case on a contingent fee.

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