Can I Sue the Bar Where I Got Beat Up?

I was in a bar minding my own business when some idiot wanted to start a fight.  I ignored him for a while but then went to the bar and told the bartender that they needed to throw the drunken idiot out before someone got hurt.  When I went to the bathroom about an hour later the same guy and his friend jumped me and beat me up.  The idiots who hit me are going to jail but can I sue the bar where this happened?   My medical bills are more than $50,000 and I missed three months of work.

You may well have a claim against the bar.  You have to prove that the bar had notice of the dangerous propensities of the customer who hit you and failed to take reasonable steps to protect you and the other patrons.

An experienced lawyer will need to investigate this matter before he or she can tell you whether you have a good case. 

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