How Quickly Will I Need to Take Action After I File a Lawsuit for My Depuy ASR Hip Implant?

I have filed a lawsuit concerning my Depuy ASR hip implant and it is part of the MDL.  How soon will additional action be required from me?

I mentioned in an earlier post  that the court overseeing the cases for defective Depuy ASR hip implants issued an order requiring claimants to file forms describing when the patient received the implant and providing some medical records from the patient’s treatment. Originally, the judge set a deadline for all claimants to file the form at the same time, but the judge recently changed the order.

Now, all claimants who are already in the combined Depuy cases have one deadline to file the completed form– July 5, 2011. Any claimants who file their lawsuits after June 2, 2011have thirty days from the date they file the lawsuit to file the information form.

We are helping our clients that the required information so that the forms can be filed in a timely fashion.  If you have not filed suit concerning your Depuy ASR hip implant or if you filed suit without the assistance of a lawyer, we will be be happy discuss representing you in this litigation.  We have no charge for an initial consultation.

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