How Many Requests For Production Can Be Served in Tennessee?

I am in a lawsuit in Tennessee.  The other side has served a set of request for production of documents.  There are 60 different requests.  Do I have to turn over all of this stuff?  Is there no limit to the number of requests for production?

Your lawyer will be able to tell you what you have to turn over and what you do not, but generally speaking there is no limit to the number of requests for production of documents.  Many local rules of court limit the number of interrogatories that can be served, and it is possible that local rules may limit the number of requests for production, but I do not ever remember seeing a limit on requests.

Absent a numerical limit, the only limitation on requests for production of documents is that they must seek relevant evidence or information reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence and cannot seek information deemed "priviliged" under the law.  Once again, your lawyer will review each request with that standard in mind, and will object when appropriate.

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