Driving Under the Influence of Electronics


Sit at an intersection and watch the cars go by and notice how many drivers have a phone in their hand.  Or, if you are a passenger in a car, watch the drivers of oncoming cars to see how many drivers are using their phones.  Perhaps most frightening is to be a pedestrian and see just how many cars that are passing you are being operated by drivers using their phones.  If you do any of these, the numbers below probably will not surprise you.

Roughly 3500 people are killed and nearly 400,000 are injured in car accidents involving distracted driving.  11 teens die every day because of distracted driving.  A driver distracted by their cellphone is more dangerous than a driver with a BAC of .08.  An accident is 23 times more likely to occur when the driver is distracted. From 2014 to 2015, there was a 32 percent increase in deaths attributed to distracted driving.  And despite these statistics, drivers continue to text, take photos, surf social media and the internet and more while driving.  Now, one State has decided to do something about it.

Washington State has now enacted a law that makes it illegal to use your phone while driving. Drivers are prohibited from using their phone while they are behind the wheel even if they are stopped in traffic or stopped at a red light.  The violation is “electronic driving while impaired”.  The fine for a first violation is $136.  A second violation will cost the driver $234.  In addition to these fines, the violations will be reported to auto insurance carriers, and insurance premiums will almost assuredly go up for those drivers with these violations on their driving record.

The new law prohibits other distractions for drivers.  Law enforcement is allowed to issue citations for distractions like eating, smoking and acts of grooming such as putting on lipstick, etc.

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