Deadline for DePuy Hip Litigation

I have a DePuy hip implant that has been recalled.  What is my deadline for taking legal action?

Under Tennessee law you have one year from the date you knew or should have known that your hip problems were related to a problem with the implant itself.  For people who are currently symptom-free it is safe to assume that the one year started on the day you received the recall letter.  If you did not receive a letter you should assume that the one-year period for action started on the date you first heard about the recall on the news (or otherwise) and knew that it applied to the hip implant that you had inserted.

If you had hip problems before the recall the exact legal deadline will depend on what you knew about the nature of the problem and when you knew it.  An experienced product liability lawyer will help you ascertain the date but immediate action is suggested.

Tennessee law will almost certainly apply if your hip was implanted in Tennessee, although it is possible that the law of another state will apply depending on the circumstances.

I suggest you contact an experienced products liability lawyer as soon as possible.   We have filed five of these cases to date and are investigating others.


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