Big Verdicts Posted on Lawyer Blogs

I am looking for a personal injury lawyer and have noticed that many personal injury law firms have blogs that report big verdicts.  They must be pretty good lawyers to get such good results.  Do you think they will take my case?

Be careful.  Read the blog post over very carefully.  Many of these posts are written by lawyers who had absolutely nothing to do with the case.  Instead, they are simply writing about cases handled by other lawyers.  The purpose of these posts is to make you think that they handled the case and that they have the ability to get significant jury verdicts or settlements for you.

This is a disgusting practice that I find to be misleading.  Lawyers who have to blog about the results obtained by other lawyers without making it clear that they had nothing to do with the case are not the type of lawyer you should hire.  Although their behavior is not as scummy as  lawyers that call accident victims they don’t know and solicit cases, their behavior is beneath that which we have a right to expect of lawyers.

So, how should you determine who to hire in a personal injury case?  Read our Legal Guide – "Understanding How to Hire a Lawyer in a Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases."

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