Cochlear Implant Defect Injures Tennesseans

Certain cochlear implants previously sold by Advanced Bionics and implanted in Tennessee residents and other people across the nation  have been recalled.  

The implants were placed into the head of the deaf and supposed to work by directly stimulating auditory nerves leading to the brain by means of an electrode array positioned in the choclea of the inner ear.

The Advanced Bionic implants that are the subject of the recall were  marketed under the name "HiResolution Bionic Ear System."  The implants were first made available in 2003.  Unfortunately for the patients who had the system implanted, the devices leaked and the moisture that seeped into the implant caused it to fail.  The result?  The devices need to be removed, forcing the patients to endure yet another surgery to the head.  More importantly,  the replacement device that is implanted may not function appropriately because of tissue or nerve changes arising from the explant surgery or other causes and, even if this problem is avoided, the patient must go through what is in essence a relearning process to gain the same level of auditory function as they had before.

Many of these implants were used in children.  Under Tennessee law, children (and adults) have a limited period of time to obtain compensation for the cost of replacement surgery and related damages.  If you or your child has been harmed by a failed cochlear implant, call an experienced personal injury lawyer promptly to learn what rights you have.

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