Certificate of Good Faith In Tennessee Medical Malpractice Cases

I have heard that a "certificate of good faith" must be filed with a medical malpractice lawsuit in Tennessee.  What is that?
A "certificate of good faith" is a written promise signed the attorney representing the patient that he or she has consulted with appropriate experts who are qualified to testify under Tennessee law and that there is a good faith basis for a lawsuit.  The certificate must be filed with each medical malpractice lawsuit in which expert testimony is required.

As a Tennessee medical malpractice attorney for more than 30 years I strongly recommend that you do not attempt to sue any health care provider without the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in handling health care liability cases.  This is complicated, expensive, time-consuming litigation.  You don’t want to do it without a lawyer, and quite frankly you don’t want to hire a lawyer who lacks substantial experience in this type of litigation. 

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