Can I Still Bring A Lawsuit If I Was Hurt in A Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault But I Was Driving Without A Valid License?

From time to time we are asked to represent people who are injured in a car accident but were driving illegally at the time of the wreck, that is, they did not have a valid license to operate a car or truck on Tennessee roads.  These people are obviously concerned that their failure to have a driver’s license will affect their ability to recover damages for the personal injury car accident that was not their fault.

Tennessee law provides that the failure to have a driver’s license does not affect a person’s right to recover compensation in a car or truck accident that was not the driver’s fault.  I am not saying that you should drive without a valid license, or if you have a restricted license that you should drive outside the proper scope of the restrictions.  It is important to follow the law.  My only point is that if you make a mistake and drive without a valid license or outside the scope of a restricted license and end up in an car or truck accident that is not your fault current law says that your mistake cannot be used against you.

Despite this law, I can envision several circumstances in which the failure to have a valid license at the time of the wreck might become relevant in a car, so I encourage you to tell your lawyer the truth about the status of your license during your initial meeting with the lawyer.

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