Can A Tennessee Lawyer Pay My Living Expenses?

 I am sure my case is going to settle soon. Can my lawyer lend me money toward the settlement I know I am going to receive?  I have lots of bills and the lawyer has said he will help me with some of those bills and I can pay him back out of my settlement?

No.  In Tennessee it is unethical for a lawyer to loan you money while he  is representing you in a case.    

Many personal injury victims have problems keeping body and soul together while their personal injury case is pending.  Many lawyers feel bad for the client and want to help them.  Indeed, from time to time we hear rumors of some lawyers actually offering potential clients money to persuade the client to employ them to handle their case.

Regardless of the motive of the lawyer, giving or loaning a client or potential client money is wrong.  A lawyer who promises to do so or actually does so should be reported to the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility at 800.486.5714.

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