Bit By Dog While Jogging

I was jogging in my neighborhood when a dog started to chase me.  The dog bit me on the leg and, after I fell down, it bit me again on the arm before a passerby was able to get it off me.    I have some very ugly scars as a result of these bites and am now absolutely terrified of dogs.   What are my rights?

Under Tennessee law a dog owner has a duty to exercise reasonable control over his dog. If the dog’s owner let the dog run free the owner is reasonable for the harm caused by the dog.

If you win your case, you are entitled to payment of damages.  Most injuries caused by dog bites are covered under the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.  

The damages that you may recover are discussed in our legal guide, Understanding Damages in Personal Injury Cases.

I suggest you meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer to gain a better understanding of how Tennessee law applies to the facts of your case.  Please remember that under Tennessee law personal injury claims must be filed against the responsible parties within one year of the date of the injury.  Failure to file suit within one year will result in a loss of your rights.

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