Best Personal Injury Attorney For My Car Wreck Case

I was hurt in a car wreck and I need a personal injury lawyer.  How do I figure out which lawyer to hire?


If you look around it seems like there are thousands of lawyers who say that they handle personal injury and wrongful death cases. In Tennessee and many other states, any lawyer can say that they do personal injury and wrongful death litigation, and it is left to the consumer to figure out what to look for in determining which lawyer to hire for your case.

We have created a Legal Guide that will help you conduct the right research and ask the right questions so that you can hire the best lawyer for your case.

When you look at this Legal Guide, you will probably be a little intimidated.  It is rather long, and it suggests that you look at lots of different factors in determining who to hire as your lawyer.

We believe the extra effort is worth it.  Hiring a lawyer is an important decision.  The right lawyer can help your case, and the wrong lawyer can hurt your case.

You need to know what lawyers know:  Only a relatively small percentage of lawyers routinely handle personal injury cases, and a much smaller number of lawyers have the ability and experience to handle a serious case.  This Legal Guide will help you identify the factors that lawyers use to when they want to hire a personal injury or wrongful death attorney.




Are you a personal injury lawyer who came across this post?   John Day writes a blog for personal injury and wrongful death lawyers called "Day on Torts."    John handles personal injury and wrongful death cases of all types across Tennessee and can be contacted either  here or by either of the  forms to the immediate right of this post.  

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