Will My Davidson County, Tennessee Car Accident Case Be Settled or Tried?

I was involved in a car wreck in Davidson County, Tennessee.  I am thinking about filing a lawsuit, but really don’t want to go to trial.  Will my case be settled or tried?

Well, if you have a valid case, you have a great deal of whether the case is settled or tried.  Insurance companies usually make an offer of some amount in every case with merit.   The issue is whether you will be offered a fair amount given your injuries and losses.  You can always accept less than a fair amount, but sometimes you have to go to trial before you can get the justice you deserve.

It is true that less than 10% of all personal injury and wrongful death cases in which a jury trial is sought result in an actual trial – in Davidson County or elsewhere in Tennessee.  But it is difficult to say whether any particular will or should be tried.

An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you through the litigation process.  Our firm offers free consultation in all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases and, in the event we accept representation of you,  we will represent you on a no recovery, no fee basis.


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