Why Has Some Lawyer Written About My Car Accident on His Blog?

Why do lawyers write blog posts that discuss someone else’s car wreck?

This lawyer is doing two things.  First, he is hoping that the person who was injured in the wreck  will Google the accident, find his post, and then hire him to help  with all any potential lawsuit.  This is direct marketing, pure and simple.  There is no legal ethics rule that prohibits this conduct.

Second, this attorney  is trying to put something on his blog to keep it current in the hope that it will rank higher in search engines like Google.  Google likes new content.  So, rather than write something substantive that actually will do readers some good, these lawyers write about accidents in an effort to inject the key words used in searches onto the Internet..  

In fact, some of these posts are not written by the lawyer at all.  Some lawyers hire ghost-writers to write blog posts to create "content" in an effort to make Google think that their blog or website has some substance.

If this wreck was not your fault and you need a lawyer to help you  I would suggest that  the factors you should consider are set forth our Legal Guide titled "Understanding How to Hire A Lawyer in a Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case."

After you review the factors outlined in our Legal Guide, I think you will agree with me that a blog post about your wreck is certainly not a factor in your decision of who to hire as your lawyer.  Instead, view it as what it is: a marketing effort directed at you because of your wreck.

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