Why Didn’t the Person Who Hit Me Get a Ticket?

My car was t-boned at a local intersection.  The guy that hit me ran the red light – and admitted that he did so – but he police officer didn’t even give him a ticket!  Why was the guy not given a ticket?  Did the other driver pay the police officer off?   

No, the other driver did not pay off the police officer.  Police officers have discretion about when they write a ticket, and sometimes they simply choose not to do so.  I must confess that I don’t always understand why tickets are issued in some cases and not in others, but I think it highly, highly unlikely that a police officer would take money not to write a ticket.

The fact that no ticket was written will almost certainly not hurt your case, especially if the police report indicates that the other driver admitted fault.   A statement by a police officer in a police report that the other driver admitted fault will carry a lot of weight with his insurance company as it decides whether or not to promptly resolve the claim.

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