What Should I Wear to Court?

 I have a trial in two weeks in Nashville.  What should I wear to court?  It is a jury trial.

That always depends on the type of case being heard by the jury.  We generally advise our clients tost to dress in such a way to show respect for the court. This usually means a suit or coat and tie.  For women, a conservative dress or skirt and blouse is appropriate.  Shoes should be clean, polished and conservative.

In some Tennessee counties it is appropriate to wear slacks or pants and a clean, pressed shirt. Jeans, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts and sandals should never be worn to court.  Also, you should not wear any clothes that would be considered "flashy."

If your trial lasts for several days and you don’t have enough "nice" clothes do not be concerned if you have to repeat an outfit.  Just make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed.

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