What Is “Medical Payments” Insurance Coverage in Tennessee?

Medical payments insurance coverage, typically called "med pay," is a type of  insurance coverage that is often a part of automobile liability insurance policies in Tennessee.  It pays medical bills that arise out of an automobile accident, even if the accident is your fault.  Medical payments coverage is typically $5000 or $10,000, although I have seen coverage as high as $25,000.

Med pay coverage can help you meet deductible and co-pays on your health insurance policy.  

Most automobile insurance policies give the insurance company the right of subrogation if med pay is paid.  This means that you get hurt in a  wreck caused by someone else’s negligence and collect med pay benefits, you have to re-pay your insurance company if you collect  monies from the person who caused the wreck.  There are some legal limitations on this right – please be sure to ask an experienced Tennessee automobile car accident lawyer about your rights.

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