What is Demonstrative Evidence?

My lawyer said that he needed to spend money on demonstrative evidence to help us win the case.  What is demonstrative evidence?

Demonstrative evidence are things that demonstrate or show information to the jury.   Demonstrative evidence may be an enlargement of an x-ray showing a fracture in a bone, a metal fixation device removed from a broken bone, a model of the scene of the accident, or a video that depicts a day-in-the-life of someone that suffered a catastrophic injury.    Demonstrative evidence also includes computer animations.

Demonstrative evidence tends to educate jurors by allowing them to see or touch something, as opposed to just hearing the spoken word.   

Demonstrative evidence can be an important part of personal injury and wrongful death cases, and good lawyers consider the use of one or more types of demonstrative evidence in every case – even in non-jury trials.


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