What Happens If I Do Not Answer Interrogatories in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

I am in a personal injury lawsuit.  The other side has sent a bunch of interrogatories and I do not want to answer them.  It is just too much work and they are asking a lot of questions that are not of their business.  What happens if I don’t answer them?

If you don’t provide answers within the time required by law your opponent can file a motion to compel you to answer.  The judge will give you additional time to answer.

If you don’t answer in the extended time the judge gives you the judge may order sanctions against you.  The judge could even dismiss your lawsuit.

At any stage in this process you are at risk for having to pay the other side’s attorney for trying to get you to answer the interrogatories.

So, I suggest you answer them.  Your lawyer will help you.

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