What Do You Charge To Meet With Me About My Case?

I was hit by a tractor trailer and my car was totaled.  I spent 4 days in the hospital and it looks like I am going to miss several weeks of work.   What do you charge for meeting with me to see if I want to hire you as my lawyer?

There is no charge whatsoever.   I have never charged for an initial meeting with potential personal injury clients.   I meet with personal injury clients wherever is convenient for them.  For example, last week I met with one potential client in Kentucky and another in Sparta, Tennessee.  

I understand that people who have been injured have difficulty coming to meet in my office and the financial pressure caused by the injury makes it difficult to afford gasoline for the trip.   Thus, I am happy to meet with any potential client at a place and time convenient to them, including nights and weekends.

You may find our Legal Guide, "Understanding Attorney’s Fee and Expenses in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation," helpful to you.

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