Visibility and Motorcycles

 The most common type of motorcycle accident is a car turning left in front of the motorcycle.   Generally, this type of accident happens because the driver of the car is simply not looking carefully and fails to see the motorcycle.   The more visible a motorcycle is the better.

Loud pipes save lives.  While some motorcyclists prefer loud pipes because of the increased “visibility” they believe they provide, there is certainly no legal requirement that a motorcycle be heard before it is seen.  And some even believe that “loud pipes save lives” is a misconception.  In Tennessee, by statute, your motorcycle must have a muffler.  The law also prohibits the use of muffler cutouts.  But unlike a number of states, Tennessee does not have a maximum decibel level for muffler noise.  Regardless of the loudness of your muffler, other motorists have a responsibility to be on the lookout for motorcycles and give them equal access to the road.  And, if you travel to another state, those loud pipes just might garner you a ticket for a noise regulation violation.

Continuing on with the issue of visibility, Tennessee law requires motorcycles to operate with headlights even in the daytime.  And so that you can see other vehicles, your motorcycle must be equipped with a rearview mirror.   Other things a motorcyclist might do to try an increase their visibility to other motorists are:

·      Install a loud horn

·      Wear a bright colored helmet

·      Wear bright colored clothing

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