The Lawyer Who Wants My Case Works All Alone!

I went to meet with a lawyer about my personal injury case.  He wants my case, but he works all by himself – no assistant, no secretary, and no other lawyer?  Is this something I should consider in determining who to hire as my personal injury lawyer?

Yes.   Lawsuits of any size are a team effort, and each person in the office plays an important role in helping preparing the case and maximizing the recovery for the client. Thus, you should look at the other lawyers and staff in the office and determine whether they can work as a team to help you with your case.

On our larger cases we almost always have two or more lawyers working on every case. Why? Assigning two or more lawyers to every case means that if one lawyer is busy in trial or is out-of-state taking depositions in other cases work can still be done on your case.

Paralegals and other support staff are an important part of the team.  They help the lawyer complete tasks on time and perform many tasks that fall within their training and experience.

All of this is not to say that a lawyer who works alone is a bad lawyer or cannot competently handle your case.  I am only suggesting my experience over 30 years has taught me that a team approach is in the client’s best interest and, in fact, I cannot imagine doing high quality, timely work without a group of other professionals helping me every day.

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