The Lawyer I Talked To Has No Support Staff!

I interviewed a personal injury lawyer about my truck wreck case the other day.  I met with him in his office and it looked like he worked all alone – no secretary, no paralegal, no other lawyers.  Is that something I should be concerned about? 


Concerned?  I don’t know that I would go that far.  I do think that the absence of a support staff is a factor that you should consider in determining who you want to be your lawyer.

Lawsuits of any size are a team effort, and each person in the office plays an important role in helping preparing the case and maximizing the recovery for the client. Thus, I believe you should look at the other lawyers and staff in the office and determine whether they can work as a team to help you with your case.

For instance, in our larger cases we almost always have two or more lawyers working on every case. Why? Assigning two or more lawyers to every case means that if one lawyer is busy in trial or is out-of-state taking depositions in other cases work can still be done on your case.

We also employ others to help the lawyers pursue personal injury and wrongful death cases.  We have a paralegal assigned to each case.  We have a full-time medical records coordinates who orders and organizes medical records and billing.  We have a full-time nurse to help with medical issues.  And, we have an in-house accountant to help us manage the financial aspects of the case.

In conclusion, I believe that you should hire a law firm that has what a football coach would call “depth.”   While it is possible for one person to do all of the things that our team does for any given client, we believe that employing high-quality personnel improves the service our clients have a right to expect.


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