“The Insurance Adjuster Was So Nice In The Beginning”

We have a significant number of people who contact us several months after a Tennessee automobile wreck, after most of the physical evidence is gone and poor decisions have been made about pursing appropriate health care.  When we ask why the person waited so long to contact us, the response is usually something like "the insurance adjuster was just so nice in the beginning."

Well, sure.

The job of the insurance adjuster is to resolve an insurance claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  It just makes good sense – and good business – for the adjuster to be polite and indeed downright friendly.  Why?  Because you as the claimant are more likely to cooperate with the adjuster and give the adjuster the information he or she needs if the adjuster is friendly.  The insurance company doesn’t want you to cut off communication and seek a lawyer, and the best way keep you from doing so is to be nice.

Does that mean that the insurance adjuster is being dishonest?  Well, that would depend on the exact words that he or she used, but ordinarily they are not being dishonest.  For example, the adjuster may say, "get medical treatment and as soon as you are feeling better we will work with you to settle this claim."  That is not a lie – if the claim is valid, they will try to settle the claim with you.  But what amount will they pay?  They will pay an amount they are willing to pay, not necessarily an amount that is fair.

Remember, insurance adjusters are trained professionals who are obligated to serve the best interests of their employer, not your best interest.  It is not their job to be "fair" to you – it is their job to pay as little as possible to resolve claims.

So, while the insurance adjuster is being friendly and telling you how you can avoid the expense of a lawyer, evidence is disappearing and decisions are being made that can adversely impact the value of your case.

That is why the Law Offices of John Day, P.C. recommends that Tennessee personal injury claimants call us promptly after a car or truck accident or any other incident that causes injuries.  It just makes sense to know your legal rights as promptly as possible and, if appropriate, get help securing evidence you will need to evaluate and win your case. We do not charge for an initial consultation, and thus it costs you nothing to take this step.  

Call us at 866-812-8787 if we can help you.  Or fill out the Contact form and we will contact you and help you if we can.


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