Tennessee Injury and Wrongful Death Verdicts in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee November 2013

There were five jury trials in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Davidson County (Nashville) Tennessee during the month of November 2013.

Two of those cases were slip and fall calls, also known as "premises liability" cases.  In one of those cases, the jury returned a verdict for the injured party for $450,000.  In another case, the Davidson County jury returned a verdict for the person or company that was sued, finding that the injured party was 75% at fault in causing the accident.  Under Tennessee law a finding of 50% or more fault on the part of the injured party means that the injured party can recover no monetary award whatsoever.

Two car accident cases were also tried by the jury and both resulted in a jury award for the injured party.  In one case the jury awarded $45,000 and in the other case the jury awarded $198,849.   No information is readily available about the injuries in these cases.

Finally, there was one medical malpractice case tried in November 2013.  (Medical malpractice practice cases are now referred to as health care liability actions.)  The plaintiff (the person bringing the lawsuit) took a voluntary dismissal of that case the third day into the trial.  Under ordinary circumstances, when a voluntary dismissal is taken under Tennessee law the case can be re-filed within a year. 


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