Tennessee Highway Deaths Increase by 8% in 2012

Seventy-nine (79) more people died on Tennessee highways in 2012 than the total deaths reported in 2011, according to figures released by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Some 1016 people died on Tennessee highways in 2012, compared with 937 deaths in 2011.

Here are more statistics from the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s report:

  • The most deaths were reported in March (107).
  • The fewest deaths were reported in April (67).
  • 542 of the deaths occurred in rural areas, and 474 of the deaths were in urban areas.
  • A large truck was involved in 97 of the deaths.
  • A bus was involved in 7 of the deaths.
  • 138 motorcyclists were killed.
  • 8 bicyclists were killed, as were 67 pedestrians
  • A teen driver was involved in 114 of the deaths.

Another report by the Tennessee Highway Patrol breaks down the motor vehicle death data by county:

  • The county with the most motor vehicle deaths was Shelby County, with 90 deaths.
  • Davidson County (Nashville) had 65 deaths.
  • Van Buren County had no motor vehicle deaths.

The 2012 death rate is still below that of 2010, when 1031 deaths were reported by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Each highway death frequently impacts at least two families, one tragedy for the family of the decedent and another for the person who negligently caused the death of another human being.  The impact of these events ripples through the lives of all involved, and ha significant emotional and financial consequences.

As Tennessee wrongful death lawyers we have been honored to represent many families who have lost loved ones, sometimes as a result of car and truck accidents and other times as a result of Tennessee medical errors or other negligent acts.  If you have lost a loved one as a result of a carelessness of another, call us for a free consultation.  Our toll-free number is 866-812-8787.  If you wish you may complete the Contact Form and we will call you.

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