Tennessee Automobile Crash Deaths Decline in 2011 But Are Back Up in 2012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finished a review of 2011 motor vehicle accidents and concluded that the death rate in Tennessee automobile accidents decreased by 8.3% for that year.

In 2010, 1032 people died on Tennessee roads.  In 2011, the number dropped to 946.  This means that 86  lives were spared in 2011.

However, 2012 is not looking good.  As of December 12, 2012, 957 people had already died on our state’s roads, more than in all of 2011.  It appears that our death rate will come close to what it was in 2010.

Please don’t add to these statistics.  Wear your seat belt, avoid the excessive use of alcohol when driving, and drive defensively. 


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