Sources of Unbiased Information About Tennessee Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

There are lots of lawyers who are willing to represent you in Tennessee automobile and truck accident cases, Tennessee medical malpractice cases, and other types of Tennessee injury and wrongful death cases.  How do you figure out who to hire for your case?

One place to look is for sites listing "top lawyers" or "best lawyers."  However, the qualifications for some of these listings require nothing more than a credit card and really tell you nothing about the actual qualifications of the lawyer or what his or her peers think about his or her legal work.

Here are some "best lawyer" sites that you can trust to help you find the right lawyer for your case"

1.  The American College of Trial Lawyers.  This is an invitation-only, very selective group of trial lawyers.  Less than 200 trial lawyers in the state have been invited to membership.  

2.  Martindale.  This is a lawyer rating service that has been around for decades.  Look only for lawyers who have a "5" rating and are listed as "Preeminent."

3.  National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.  Less than 1% of the lawyers in the country are board-certified trial lawyers.   Not only to you have to have a certain level of experience to become a member of this group but you also have to have positive recommendations from judges and opposing lawyers and pass an extensive written examination.

4.  Best Lawyers in America.   You cannot pay t.o these listings – a lawyer’s presence on this list is based on the votes of his or her colleagues 

5.  Super Lawyers.  Once again, this list is accumulated by votes of lawyers.  It is not as an exclusive of group of lawyers as the "Best Lawyers in America" group but it is not a bad list.

6.  AVVO.  This is a free list of lawyers who are ranked on what appears to be a scale of 5.0  to 10.0 based on some computer algorithm.  Do not hire a lawyer who has a ranking of less than 10.0, particularly a lawyer with more than ten years of experience.

So, before you hire a personal injury or wrongful death lawyer, see if he or she appears on these lists and what his or her qualifications really are.  Once again, the vast majority of the rankings are based on what the lawyer’s peers think of his or her qualifications and abilities, but isn’t that a good piece of information to know as you make the decision of which lawyer is the best lawyer for your case?

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