Should I Hire an Out-of-State Lawyer for My Truck Wreck Case?

 I was hurt in an accident with a big truck. I live in Tennessee and the wreck occurred in Tennessee.  My research has identified a bunch of out-of-state lawyers  who say they specialize in my type of case.  Can I hire an out-of-state lawyer to represent me in this case?

Yes, although the out-of-state lawyer must either have a Tennessee law license or must work with a Tennessee lawyer on the case.

The more important question is why would you hire an out-of-state lawyer to represent you?  There is a real advantage to hiring a lawyer who is familiar with Tennessee law (the law of every state is a little different) and who knows the way our legal system works.   There are some very good trucking accident attorneys  in this state  and thus it rarely makes sense to go to the trouble of finding an out-of-state lawyer to work on a case.  

If you hire an out-of-state lawyer read the employment agreement carefully and see if you bear the responsibility for travel expenses.  You may be responsible for the lawyer’s travel expenses and those expenses will decrease your recovery.

I would encourage you to research the Tennessee lawyers who have experience in trucking cases before you think about hiring an out-of-state lawyer who may not know Tennessee law in trucking cases or the Tennessee law of procedure or evidence.  How do you choose the right lawyer for you?  Read our Legal Guide on the subject.  You may also find this Legal Guide helpful:  Understanding Truck Wrecks in Tennessee.

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