Share the Road on June 17th (and everyday)



June 17th is the 28th Annual National Ride to Work Day.  Bicyclists, scooter riders and motorcyclists are encouraged to ride to work to help raise awareness about all the positive aspects of two-wheel transportation such as the health benefits (at least for bicyclists) fewer emissions, less space needed on roadway and for parking, etc.

Unfortunately though, commuters on two wheels face greater dangers than those in cars and trucks because they are not as protected in the event of a crash.  In 2017, more than 5,000 motorcyclists were killed and over 700 bicyclists. As a car or truck driver, do you know your obligations to bicyclists, motorcyclists and scooter riders on Tennessee roadways?

Of course, motorcycles, bicyclists and scooter-riders have just as much right to the roadway as a car or truck.  First, in Tennessee, if you are in a car or truck and want to pass a bicyclist, you MUST leave at least 3 feet of distance between your vehicle and the cyclist during the entire passing maneuver.  Second, drivers of motor vehicles are required to treat bicyclists, motorcyclists and scooter-riders the same as they would another car or truck.  For example, if you approach a 4-way stop and a bicyclist arrives at the 4-way stop first, they have priority.

Two-wheeled commuters are at a size disadvantage compared to cars and trucks.  All too often, after an accident, the driver of the car or truck will say they simply did not see the bicycle, scooter or motorcyclist, so drivers need to be especially vigilant.  In warmer weather, you can expect to see a lot more two-wheel vehicles on the roadway so be on the lookout.

Finally, car and truck drivers need to continue to follow the standard safety tips:

  • Do not operate your vehicle under the influence.
  • Do not drive distracted. Give driving your full time and attention.
  • Keep your vehicle in good working condition so that when you need those brakes you can rely on them.
  • Mind the speed limit.
  • Treat other drivers with courtesy and respect.

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