Safest Drivers in Tennessee

The 2012 Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report says that Chattanooga and Knoxville have better drivers than Nashville and Memphis.

Drivers in Chattanooga ranked 26th on the Best Drivers List, with drivers having an average of 11.4 years between accidents.  This means that drivers in Chattanooga were 12% less likely to have an accident than the national average.

Knoxville beat out Chattanooga, ranking 9th on the national list.  Drivers there had an accident on the average of every 12.2 years.  Knoxville’s relative accident likelihood was 18.1% less than the national average.

Nashville limped in at 51st,  with an average of 10.2 years between accidents.  Nashville drivers were only 2.1% less likely to have an accident than the national average.

Memphis brought up the rear.  It ranked 75th, with 9.8 years between accidents, 2.2% worse than the national average.

The worst major city in America?  Philadelphia, with the average driver having an accident every 6.1 years.  The best city?  Souix Falls, S.D., where the average driver will go 13.8 years between accidents.

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