Recovery of Damages For Lost Wages in Personal Injury Cases

Tennessee law permits the recovery of lost wages in Tennessee automobile accident cases, truck accident cases, medical malpractice cases, and all other types of Tennessee personal injury claims.

Technically, the measurement of damages is referred to as "lost earning capacity."    This phrase is used in recognition of the fact that some people are, for whatever reason, under-employed at the time of their injury.  Thus, at least in theory, a claim for loss of earning capacity is not limited to damages as suggested by the victim’s current wages.

If the incident causes a permanent injury, the victim can also recover damages for lost future earning capacity.  Many times, expert witnesses must be employed to evaluate and quantify loss of future earning capacity.

Our firm has made hundreds and hundreds of claims for lost earning capacity, and have a lot of experience using vocational disability experts and economists to prove loss of future earning capacity. 

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