Pharmacy Mis-Fills

My doctor gave me a prescription.  I took it to my local pharmacy and got it filled.  I took the medicine for three days, twice a day, just like the doctor said when I passed out and hit my head on the kitchen table.  I woke up in the hospital two days later with a horrible headache and 15 stitches on my head.  It turns out that rather than give me 50 mg. pills like the doctor ordered the pharmacy gave me 500 mg pills.   My doctor said that this medicine built-up in me and caused me to pass out.   He said that if I would have taken those bigger pills for a couple more days I would have died.   Can I sue the pharmacy?

Yes, if you can prove that the prescription was for 50 mg. and it was filled at 500 mg. the pharmacist committed a clear error.  It will be important to get a copy of the original prescription form and make sure that it clearly called for only 50 mg. pills.

You will also have to prove that taking the extra-high dose caused to you pass-out and hit your head.  A medical doctor will have to testify about this.

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help you with this problem.  

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