New Rules For Where Individuals Can Be Sued in Auto Accident Cases in Tennessee

A high percentage of Tennessee car accident cases are settled before a lawsuit is filed. However, if a lawsuit is necessary, there are new rules about where a lawsuit against an individual sued in a Tennessee automobile accident case be filed.

Under the new rules, an individual can only be sued in the county where  the car accident occurred or in the county where the person who caused the car accident resides.  (Note:  different rules apply for claims against corporations and other legal entities.)

So, if a person is injured in a Williamson County, Tennessee car accident and the wreck was caused by a Davidson County, Tennessee driver,  a lawsuit could be filed in either county.

It makes no difference where the injured person lives.  The injured person could live in Knox County, Tennessee – the lawsuit would still have to be filed in either Davidson or Williamson County.

An experienced Tennessee personal injury lawsuit will be able to select the best place –  Davidson or Williamson County – to file a lawsuit if it becomes necessary.

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