New App From NHTSA Helps Consumers

The National Highway Safety Administration (commonly referred to as “The NHTSA”) is the country’s watchdog on all things related to motor vehicle safety.  For instance, the NHTSA is the government agency responsible for testing all vehicles to ensure they comply with all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (i.e, things like crashworthiness, airbags, etc.)  The NHTSA also monitors customer complaints and accidents looking for trends which might necessitate a recall of a particular vehicle. 

Well, the NHTSA now has an app.  The app allows users to quickly look up a vehicle crash test rating and compare the ratings of different vehicles – a feature which would be very handy when shopping for a vehicle.  It also will provide you driving directions to the closest location providing assistance with installing child safety seats.  If you are having a safety issue or problem with your vehicle, you can report it to the NHTSA using the app.  And finally, you can be notified if your vehicle or a family member’s vehicle is the subject of a safety recall.  This is especially important for owners of used vehicles who may not have registered their contact information with the vehicle manufacturer and so might not receive recall notifications by mail. 

This app could be helpful in keeping up with information that can help keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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