My “Pay for Click” Lawyer Doesn’t Have a Real Office!

I responded to a "pay for click" lawyer ad to try to find a lawyer for my car accident case.  I met the lawyer at a coffee shop.  I asked him where his office was.  He gave me a business card with the address.  I checked it out on Google Maps and it is an apartment where I guess he lives.  Should I be concerned about that? does

Probably.  It is a stretch to say that a lawyer who works out of his apartment is not competent, but it is not unfair to question whether a lawyer who lives in an apartment and who does not have a traditional office of any type (a) has the experience you need for your case; (b) has been successful handling your type of case; (c) has the economic resources to invest in your case;  and (d) has the support staff necessary to successfully prosecute your case.

There are plenty of lawyers out there who probably charge the same fee as this lawyer but who live and practice law in such a way that you do not have to worry about these issues.  Unless you are willing to do a significant amount of work to check out this lawyer’s experience, expertise and financial ability to handle your case, I suggest that you work to find a different lawyer.  

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