Loss of Sight Because of Medical Error

 My husband recently lost his vision because of a error by a doctor.  What are his legal rights?

Your husband will have to prove that the doctor who treated him failed to follow acceptable professional practice in the community where the doctor practiced and that the failure caused the loss of his vision.

The proof will require the testimony of a doctor, typically one in the same specialty as the doctor who made the error, that your husband’s doctor made an error.   A doctor will also have to testify that the error caused the loss of sight.

If it is determined that your husband has a valid case, the law permits the recovery of certain types of damages.  Those damages are described in our Legal Guide section.

Depending on the age of your husband and other factors, other experts may be needed.  A vocational expert may be required to testify as to the loss of job options for your husband.  An economist may be necessary to quantify the loss of income.  A life care planner may be necessary to describe the additional medical and other costs your family will incur as a result of your husband’s blindness.


As you can see, there is a lot of work necessary to prove such a case.  You will need the assistance of an experienced Tennessee medical malpractice lawyer to help you.

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