Liability for Injuries Caused by Fireworks

My neighbor was playing with fireworks this weekend.  One of the fireworks shot into my yard and hit me right in the face.  I was burned and I injured my left eye.   I immediately went to the emergency room and am seeking additional medical treatment.   What are my rights?

Some cities in Tennessee prohibit the use of fireworks.  If you live in a city that prohibits fireworks your neighbor violated the law and you will have a very strong claim against him.

Even if the law does not prohibit the use of fireworks, your neighbor had the duty to exercise reasonable care while playing with the fireworks so as not to cause injury to anyone else.   The strength of your case depends on exact facts.

You should contact an experience personal injury lawyer to assist you with this matter.  You should do so before you give a statement to your neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance company.

Tennessee law requires that personal injury cases be filed against the responsible party within one year of the date of the injury.  Act quickly to protect your rights.

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