Lawsuits Against Physician Assistants in Tennessee

Physician assistants (PAs) are increasing in number in Tennessee.  Physician assistants are licensed by the state and are supposed to assist a physician in the practice of medicine.

The State of Tennessee has issued rules concerning the work done by physician assistants.  A physician assistant must have formal training in an approved program and must pass an examination to be licensed by Tennessee.

Physician assistants have the right to prescribe certain drugs under the supervision of a physician.  In fact, all of the activities of the physician’s assistant must be under the supervision of a physician.  The regulations concerning the supervision of a physician assistant by a physician are set forth in the link (look at section 18).

Physician assistants who make errors that cause injury or death to another person can be sued for medical malpractice.  The physician supervising the physician assistance may also bear some responsibility for any such error.

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