Jury Trials in Nashville, Tennessee in 2011

The Clerk of the Circuit Courts for Davidson County, Tennessee has released the following statistics for jury trials for 2011:

  • There were 10 health care liability (medical malpractice) jury trials.  The health care providers won six of those cases, the patient won two, and the other two cases resulted in a hung jury.
  • There were 36 auto liability cases tried, 22 of those to a jury.  The plaintiff won 25 of those cases.  Note, however, that the word "won" means that the plaintiff recovered some amount of money – not that the amount beat the defendant’s last offer or was otherwise a reasonable amount.
  • There were only two jury trials in December, 2011 one of which was a health care liability case (defense verdict) and one of which was an auto case (case dismissed by judge).

Despite what one reads in the papers or hears on the news, there are relatively few jury trials.  This number has steadily decreased across the entire state for many years.

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