Injured at Work

I work in a small plant in Middle Tennessee.  I hurt my back at work.  What are my rights? 

If you got hurt while you were working you have a right to have your medical care paid for by your employer.  The employer or its worker’s compensation insurance company has a list of doctors that you are permitted to see at the employer’s expense.

To the extent that the injury causes you to miss work you have the right to be paid (at a discounted amount and after a waiting period) money for your lost wages.  If you have a permanent injury that causes a disability you have a right to payment for a permanent disability.

Now, the fact that you have rights doesn’t always mean that your employer or its worker’s compensation insurer will honor those rights or that they will offer you a fair amount of money for your disability. A qualified worker’s compensation attorney can help you ensure that you receive the medical treatment and compensation that the law says you should receive.  Our office handles these cases and does not charge for an initial consultation.


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