I Received a Subpoena. Now What?

I saw a truck – car wreck a year ago.  Now I have been subpoenaed to give a deposition.  Do I have to give a deposition?  I don’t really want to be involved.

 Subpoenas are legal papers issued by a court requiring the appearance or production of a person or thing at a deposition or hearing. A subpoena may be served on a person and require the appearance of that person to give a deposition or appear in open court on a specific date and time. Subpoenas may also be served on a person or business and require that documents or things be produced for inspection and copying on a specific date and time.

You have a duty to obey the subpoena.  If the date or time is particularly inconvenient call the lawyer that had the subpoena served on you and explain your problem.  Most lawyers are very willing to cooperate with scheduling problems of witnesses.



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