How Much Does A Videotaped Deposition Cost?

My deposition was taken today and it lasted all day.  There was a court reporter and a videographer there.  How much does it cost to have a deposition recorded by the two of them?

In my experience in Tennessee, court reporters have several types of charges.  The main charges are the per diem charge, which is the charge for showing up, using billed in full-day or half-day increments, and a per-page charge, which is the cost of each page of transcript.  There are two types of per page charges, one for the "original" transcript on and one for each copy.  The person taking the deposition pays for the original and the per diem.  The person whose deposition is taken pays for the copy.

Videographers typically charge a base fee plus and hourly charge to the person taking the deposition.  The person whose deposition was taken pays for a disc containing the deposition.

In my experience, the cost of an original transcript and per diem fee for a deposition that takes all day (7 hours or so) is about $2000.  A videographer will add another $1000.    

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