How Much Do Expert Witnesses Charge?

I am in a car wreck case.  My lawyer says that we need to hire an accident reconstructionist.  What will that cost?

First, most lawyers in personal injury and wrongful death cases will advance the expenses associated with the case, including the cost of hiring expert witnesses.   Usually, those expenses are re-paid by the client after the successful prosecution of the case out of the settlement monies.

Second, the cost of an expert accident reconstructionist can vary substantially, from $100 per hour to $400 or even $500 per hour.  These experts usually charge for travel time.   The expert I frequently use charges about $3000 for the initial work-up at the scene of the accident, and additional monies for what must be done at the office.

Experts also charge for the time preparing for depositions, for giving a deposition, preparing for trial and attending trial.

Some experts charge must more.  For example, some medical doctors charge thousands of dollars per hour to give a deposition.  These charges are obscene, but the fact of the matter is they often must be paid (a patient often has little input into the decision of who her doctor is and no input into the decision of what that doctor charges).

An experienced personal injury lawyer will use qualified, honest experts to assist in proving your case.  Unfortunately, the cost of using these experts can be substantial.

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