How Do I Know Who Manufactured My Hip Replacement?

I had a hip replacement a couple years ago.  I have had nothing but grief since.  I have heard that the DePuy ASR hip has been recalled.  How do I find out if the hip I had replaced was made by DePuy and is one of the recalled hips?

Your doctor will have records of the hip replacement product that was used and, if he or she does not, the hospital will have records that will show what product was used.  You need to learn both who the manufacturer was and what model was used.  Each device that is implanted also comes with a serial number and you should get that number as well.

As I said, you can get this information yourself or ask the assistance of a lawyer who is handling hip replacement cases.  Remember that certain deadlines apply to take legal action and therefore you are encouraged to act as soon as possible.  Failure to take appropriate action on time will result in a loss of your rights. 

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