Hiring a Lawyer for an Out-of-State Accident

I was in Chicago and riding in a taxicab that got hit by another driver from Chicago. I spent four days in the hospital in Chicago and have been continuing to see a doctor in Tennessee. What rights do I have? Do I have to go to Chicago to hold the people who hit me responsible?

People in other states have to follow the same basic rules as drivers in Tennessee, and they are responsible for the harm they cause if they are negligent in the operation of their vehicle.

However, usually a lawsuit for such claims must be brought in the place where the accident occurred or where the other driver resides. (There are some exceptions to this rule – an experienced personal injury lawyer can tell you if the driver or the driver’s employer can be sued in Tennessee.)

We have helped Tennesseans who have been hurt in other states (and Canada) and could not sue the person who harmed them in Tennessee. In these cases, we investigate the facts and the law and work to resolve the case without filing suit. If the case cannot be settled for a fair amount, we work with a lawyer from the city and state (or country) to file suit and proceed with the case. We share the fee we would otherwise charge with this lawyer and the total fee is the same as if we were able to file the case in Tennessee. We have relationships with lawyers around the country who can work with us in these cases.

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