Help! I Was In A Car Wreck and Doctors Keep Calling Me!

As Nashville automobile accident lawyers, more and more people are telling us that after they are in a wreck they are getting calls from doctors offering their services.  Most of these doctors are not medical doctors but rather chiropractors.  And, some of these chiropractors tell the accident victim that they will refer them to a lawyer to help them get their medical bills paid and make a financial recovery from the accident.

How do the chiropractors know about the accident?  They obtain accident reports and make telephone calls to the person they believe was not at fault.

I recommend that you stay away from these "services."   I believe you are much better served – both medically and legally – seeing your regular physician or a specialist he or she recommends (or the emergency room recommends) than seeing a chiropractor who calls you after a wreck.  If you do not have a regular physician, ask a friend or family member for a recommendation.

But do not just see a medical doctor, chiropractor or lawyer based on an unsolicited telephone call after a wreck.  

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