Graco Child Seats Recalled

 Roughly 3.8 million child seats are being recalled by Graco because the buckles may fail to unlatch.  Graco has explained the buckles get jammed by food particles and sticky drinks like juice getting into the latch area.  What is interesting about the recall is that Graco is not recalling another 1.8 million child seats that have the same buckle.  Graco defends this decision by pointing out that the non-recalled child seats are rear-facing and infants do not get food or drinks on their seats. 

Say what?  It seems the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) is not buying that explanation either.  And why should they when both the NHTSA and Graco have received customer complaints about the rear-facing buckles and harnesses.  In a harsh response, the NHTSA accused Graco of providing “incomplete and misleading” documents in response to the investigation.

If you have a Graco child seat, go to the NHTA’s website for full recall information.  Obviously, these child seats could pose a serious risk of harm in certain types of car accidents.  Even in the absence of an accident, some parents have been forced to cut the straps of the car seat in order to be able to remove their child.  

And one last thing: this recall may get extended to Evenflo child safety seats as they use a similar buckle made by the same component supplier, AmSafe Commercial Products, Inc.  The NHTSA has launched an investigation into the Evenflo seats.

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